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What about cloth diapers?

Cloth diapers are a viable option for some people. However, within in the populations that we are focused on serving, cloth diapers are not a realistic solution.

Most licensed day care centers do not accept cloth diapers, and require parents to provide a steady supply of disposable diapers to leave with their child(ren). Low-income parents cannot take advantage of free or subsidized childcare if they cannot afford to leave disposable diapers at childcare centers. If parents cannot access daycare, then they are less able to attend work or school on a consistent basis. This in turn leads to increased economic instability and a continuation of the cycle of poverty.

For those living in poverty, access to affordable washing facilities is not likely; and, most coin-operated laundromats do not allow cloth diapers for health and sanitary reasons.

Are there state or federal programs that provide diapers for those in need?

Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and WIC do not cover the cost of diapers.

Do you distribute diapers to individuals?

No. We believe that we can make the biggest impact, acquiring the most diapers for each dollar received, by partnering with organizations that are serving our community’s most vulnerable populations.

I am an individual in need.  How can I get help with diapers?

Currently, our partners who distribute to individuals are Open Hands Food Bank, Nativity Food Bank, and LifeCare of Brandon.  Our home page has links to each of their websites, for you to obtain more detailed information about their services.  Also, you may want to check your local food pantry.  Here is a link to a food pantry locator:

Do you accept open packs of diapers?

Yes. We will take opened and partial packs of diapers.

How can I make a monetary donation?

We accept checks or money orders, as well as credit card donations.
Please make checks or money orders payable to Blessed Bottoms, Inc. and mail to

5668 Fishhawk Crossing Blvd. #32
Lithia, FL  33547

Credit card donations can be processed via our online donation center