Children without diapers are at risk


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Distributed over 12,000 diapers donated by Blessed Bottoms

“I am the manager of Nativity Outreach, a large food bank which supplies food and other needs to 50-60 food pantries throughout Hillsborough County. We are fortunate that many of our needs are provided by major food chains. Disposable diapers are however, difficult to obtain and very expensive to purchase. For many years we were unable to keep up with the demand for them. Then one day I received a visit from Debi Rucker of Blessed Bottoms who proposed to partner with us to provide the needed diapers. This partnership has been a blessing to us and to all of the people we serve. I cannot express what a difference this wonderful ministry has made. And we are not the only partner. There are several others. The amazing thing is that this charity is run solely by Debi and her family.

In 2013 alone we distributed over 15,000 diapers, 12,000 of which were donated to us by Blessed Bottoms. We hope that we may continue to be a partner with them. If you are looking for a charity to support, this would be a great choice. ”

Carl Falkenbach, Nativity Outreach, Brandon, FL


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Diaper Donations Change Hearts and Lives of Mothers, Fathers, and Families

LifeCare is truly grateful for our ministry partnership with Debi and Blessed Bottoms Diaper Bank.   In the first 3 months of this year we have already received over 8,300 diapers!!  These diapers not only “change a baby,” they change the hearts and lives of the mothers, fathers and families we serve through our “Earn While You Learn” program.  During the process of our 250+ monthly parenting sessions as well as our classes and Bible studies, our clients earn “Baby Bucks” to purchase diapers, wipes and baby supplies. The diapers are a great incentive to draw our clients back to LifeCare, and as a result, we are building relationships to share Christ and break unhealthy family cycles.  Thank you for donating diapers to Blessed Bottoms so that together we can inspire LIFE and impact futures for Christ!”

Karen Brooks,  LifeCare Executive Director


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Thanks from the Bottom of our Hearts

“I can’t tell you what a blessing your ministry is.  Literally, an answer to prayer for us at A Kid’s Place; you have no idea.  Truly, you are an answer to a prayer for us that we were struggling with for a long time.  You can rest assured that you are making a huge difference in the lives of our foster children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts (or should I just say our bottoms?!)”

Mary Berg, A Kid’s Place Resource Manager[/quote]

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Families helped by Diaper Donations

“Bless you for taking on such a wonderful ministry. The people who visit Seeds of Hope at Lamb of God Lutheran Church cannot thank you enough. Without revealing their names, I can give you several stories.

One family has four young boys, the youngest is only a month old. Although the father maintains a job, hard times have fallen upon the family and a package of diapers means there is more money for food.

Another family has several children, one being a little girl not quite two years old. She is a miracle child and has numerous health issues that requires changing her diapers quite often. Our country’s financial down turn has caused this family to struggle and they too appreciate receiving the diapers.

One lady’s grandson, who is only eight months old, has a hole in his heart. Caring for him is costly and the diapers are a God-send to them.

We have several young women who visit Seeds of Hope who work the strawberry fields. The free diapers bring smiles of appreciation to their faces and often tears to their eyes.

We are blessed to serve these people allowing them to maintain dignity during hard times.

Thank you again, and may God bless you and your family.”

Bette Lafferty, Open Hands Community Food Pantry- Lamb of God Lutheran Church (Formerly Seeds of Hope)[/quote]